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In Yoga Sutra, Patanjali says “Yoga: citta vritti nirodaha”

Translated, it means Yoga is the “cessation” of the mind.

The right interpretation, which I am giving now, is that “Yoga is the cessation of minding.” This is because in the context of yoga sutras, “citta” is a verb. It is an action. So the right way to translate is, “yoga is the cessation or stopping of the minding.”

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

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Minding has two components. It has the thinking, which is the creative activity and “thoughting,” which is the random activity. 

For example, just imagine that you are driving your car and you’re always driving the car and never stopping. How will you pick up your food through a drive-thru? How will you pick up your food if you don’t stop your car at the grocery store? How will you pick up your children from the school? How will you get to work if you don’t stop the car? 

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

We know that driving is an action and the car as the object. Similarly, minding is the action, and mind is the object. You have to stop the driving in order to have food, sustenance and become fulfilled. You have to stop the driving to get to drive-through so you can pick up your food. You have to stop the driving at the grocery store so you can pick up your groceries. You have to stop the driving of the car at all the different places so that you can add more fulfillment to your life. You can’t always be driving.

Because your life is not just driving. So why are you always minding?

What would happen if you drove your car into the garage and you kept driving? What happens if you stop the car in the garage and keep the engine on. Many of us are like that. We may stop the car, but we still keep the engine on. It is still running because we are afraid to stop it. We don’t see a reason to stop it. We don’t know how to stop it even if we want to. 

It’s like if you’ve ever had to jump start your car when the battery is completely dead. You call the mechanic and when they come over, they jump start your car with another more powerful power source. Then the mechanic tells you that you need to keep the car running for at least 30 minutes because if you stop the car and you turn off the engine, the car will have to be jump started again. Now you’ve become afraid that the car will stop again. 

We are afraid of stopping the car and the driving. Most of us keep our mind minding because of fear of stepping out. We are afraid because we feel that is normal. Until someone who has stepped outside the mind and the minding tells you that it is ok, you won’t even know that it is a possibility.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

That’s what happened to me. Before I had my Nirvanic experience, my mind was always running. it was always minding. There was no part of me that thought that is not normal. 

Then one day in 2013, the mind stopped and the minding stopped. That’s when I started to explore parts of me that I had never seen before. I came home and saw a vast inner space in which various experiences started happening to me. And at that moment, an intense amount of bliss started to radiate, and that became the ultimate journey, the most blissful journey of self discovery. In that moment, I discovered various rooms in me, rooms with different experiences. Each experience is unique in its own form and a space beyond experiences through which the experiences are happening. In one room, I discovered that I had the power of healing. In another I discovered I had the power of clairvoyance. In another room, I discovered I had telepathy. And so on and so on. I am still exploring, because the universe is infinite and unknowable. If you love to travel, you will become the ultimate inner traveler.  

Just as you stop the car and step out into your home, when you stop the minding and step out of your mind, you will find yourself at home. You will discover new rooms in your home and new experiences in each of the rooms. Each room has it own characteristics, role, and gifts. Just as you can always get back into the car and drive again, you can always get back into the mind and start minding again. You just need a little inspiration. You just need a little jump start to a weak battery. You just need the lights in the home to be on, so that you know you have arrived.

So you too can experience what I experienced. You too can stop your mind and it’s minding and realize there is a part of you that you have never seen before and is more beautiful than what you know of. 

When the minding stops, you start exploring your inner space, your new home. You will discover new capabilities that were locked up and waiting to be opened. New talents may suddenly appear and often some mystical powers. There are so many stories of enlightened beings who express miraculous powers that they never had prior to their enlightened experience. These are superpowers that you brought with you when you took birth on this beautiful planet. 

Imagine how much of your life would transform if you had one more capability; a capability that was inside you all along, just unopened.

For thousands of years, enlightened masters and mystics have been sharing their stories with us. These are the stories of their inner voyage when they stopped their mind and minding. And each of those stories is beautiful and extraordinary. They’ve all had a Yogic Awakening.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

In a yogic awakening process, the mind and the minding stops. The car that has been driving you and not letting you stop, will now stop so that you can pick up the sustenance that you need. You can visit the places that you wanted to visit. You will no longer be a prisoner of the limited human experience that you stuck in and start moving towards a life filled with health, wealth, confidence, success, and new experiences.

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