Sri Poornaji and the Science of Oneness

Sri Poornaji is a realized master who embodies fulfillment and is established in Oneness. His path is called the Science of Oneness because it provides a detailed step-by-step approach that is personalized for each student to realize their own unique expression of Oneness. The methodology was developed from Sri Poornaji’s personal experience as well as his direct study with enlightened masters of various traditions.

In 2013, Sri Poornaji achieved Nirvanic experience that established bliss and extraordinary levels of clarity and empowerment. Many individuals close to him started experiencing awakening and deep fulfilment. At their request, he started sharing these eternal truths to help others become established in Oneness.

Poornaji (whose name means fullness) has also realized fulfillment in his personal and professional life. He is married with two teenage daughters and has enjoyed a career as an entrepreneur and technology executive currently working in the field of artificial intelligence.

My mission is to help humanity achieve Poornatwa, the space of complete fulfillment”

– Sri Poornaji


“After completing the True Identity technique, negative comments from others no longer affect my inner peace.”

Junie T.

What Makes True Inner Mastery Unique

The Science of Oneness is the foundation for True Inner Mastery. There are scientific principles about Oneness that can be learned in a systematic way and realized through practice. An important element in realizing Oneness is the Grace of the Guru – a mystical connection that can accelerate transformation.

Sri Poonaji embodies both the mystical and the practical. His teachings convey not only spiritual wisdom but also practical knowledge and support as well as direct transmission of insights. These teachings are then supported by specific practices designed to awaken maturity at all levels of your soul.

The Science of Oneness teaches how to achieve worldly success while also opening to the breathtaking mystery and power of Oneness. Both are important traits that can be matured and expressed in this human life.

Pillars of Spiritual Development in True Inner Mastery

Mystical Transmissions Spiritual Wisdom Leadership Principles Awakening Practices
Grace of the Guru Knowledge of the Cosmos Grace of the Guru Cognitive Purification
Kundalini Awakening Teachings from traditional paths Self Worth True Gratitude
Initiation into Advanced Practices Spontaneous transmissions from Oneness Taking Responsibility True Awareness
Karmic Clearing Individual support for cognitive shifts Integrity True Intention
True-time management True Identity
Collaboration and partnership

The Lineage Behind
True Inner Mastery

Sri Poornaji’s spiritual journey has been guided by several Enlightened Masters and Incarnations.

Satya Saibaba

Satya Sai Baba (an incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba)

Poornaji has been a disciple and follower since he was 10 years old and met Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, India. He had first hand experience of being offered sacred ash that was materialized by Sai Baba. He and Shirdi Sai Baba continue to be strong influences in Poornaji’s life.

Mahavatar Babaji / Paramahamsa Yogananda

After reading the Autobiography of a Yogi, Sri Poornaji had a out-of-body experience which led to more intense seeking. Poornaji was initiated as a Kriyavan under Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Babaji’s and Yoganananda’s teachings contributed heavily to Poornaji’s spiritual journey.

Paramahamsa Yogananda
Bapak Abbas

Bapak Abbas,
an enlightened Islamic / Sufi Mystic

Poornaji apprenticed under Babak Abbas for 2 years and had many mystical experiences and he was initiated by Bapak Abbas into the oneness space. Poornaji was revealed the secrets of the Quran and the multiple dimensions of existence, the power of healing and the supernormal abilities of long-distance healing.