The Nirvana Deeksha initiation event is the highlight of the retreat and an opportunity to receive personalized guidance and a transmission of light from Sri Poornaji.


What is Nirvana Deeksha?

In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, there is an initiation process called Deeksha in which the space of oneness or non-duality is transmitted from Master to disciple. It is the fastest way for a person to have transformational experiences that alter the direction of their life.

The process occurs in a one on one meeting or darshan with the Master. It gives the Master an opportunity to not only remove blockages to your spiritual progress but also to raise your frequency through a transmission of light. What gets transmitted is highly personalized to the present situation and specific needs of the person in front of the Master.

The experiences of an entire lineage of Masters can be encapsulated into this transmission of light, which penetrates the recipient’s consciousness and immediately begins to raise their frequency. All of the experiences that Sri Poornaji himself has had plus those of the many generations of Masters in the lineages before him are available to be transmitted. What is received depends on the readiness and receptivity of the student or disciple.

This same principle of Deeksha is what Sri Ramakrisha used to initiate Vivekananda, and what Sri Yukteswar used to initiate Yogananda before both came to the West to spread the teachings of their respective lineages. Similarly, this is what Sri Poornaji’s Guru’s utilized to transmit their lineage of experiences to Sri Poornaji, making those experiences now available to you.

What to Expect

Nirvana Deeksha will raise the frequency of your consciousness through the Master’s frequency.

You may immediately experience a sense of freedom and spaciousness, or it may take time for the experience to penetrate your conscious awareness. Some participants have noticed small changes occurring in their lives, resulting in a big cumulative effect over the course of a year. Others have immediately experienced greater clarity or have deepened their commitment to their spiritual path.


  • Greater joy and fulfillment in life
  • Increased productivity
  • A sense of purpose or mission
  • A taste of the space of oneness
  • New perspectives on life
  • Freedom from past life karma, which can be dropped in the Master’s presence