Understanding the Karmic Effects of Dharma and Adharma

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Have you ever asked yourself why life is full of so much challenge? Or, thought about why you are not happy after putting in so much effort? Perhaps you’ve realized that you don’t feel happy after achieving success, money, a nice house, etc? And why do bad things happen to good people?  All of these examples happen to you when you are not established in Dharma. Many of us want to know if there are any solutions for achieving peace and happiness in life.

What is Dharma?? Why is happiness and peace and everything in your life related to Dharma?

Dharma is a word that is used vastly. If you talk about Sanatana Dharma, you have laws, rules, and regulations to operate in day-to-day life. But due to its vast nature, it’s hard for everyone to follow each and every rule. It’s a kind of free will where you can follow rituals according to your own will. The only thing we try to do is to follow the principle of eternal law or the law of Oneness which is called Dharma.

Dharma has its core meaning, which includes everything from one’s duties, obligations, religious rituals, etc. It also includes the principle of justice, righteousness, and moral actions. It’s one package for all the components to live life rightfully. Dharma has all of the components for the betterment of mankind. If we follow the path of Dharma, everything becomes easy. You start understanding what you are doing and what will be the effect. Understanding Dharma is a bit complex. Many times when you see something good or bad happening you instantly start working towards it according to your mind or emotional patterns. We don’t have the patience to think properly or react rightfully. It’s not easy to recognize Dharma. The Opposite of Dharma is Adharma which is very easy to recognize. Whenever we see something wrong we know that it’s not right (not Dharmic)

Whenever you see a kid killed in an accident by a truck driver, or a person is mistreated, lied to, and abused, or when a company does something which we feel is wrong. When a person or power does something which hurts people, or when a policy is passed which alienates people. When you see corruption taking place, then somehow you know how Adharma feels. Adharma attracts our attention towards itself very easily. We as humans easily understand others’ pain and suffering, which helps us to understand Adharma. Now the question is what is Dharma?

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Dharma is, “flowing with consciousness in right action at the present moment”.

You can’t be in Dharma when you are not conscious and you are not present in the moment. The consciousness and right timing are the important factors for us to follow Dharma. When we talk about Dharma we can divide it into different categories. Initially, we can divide it into four categories.

  1. Negative Patterns
    Negative patterns from the past are considered Adharmic and also considered Karmic . They add more negative Karma. Negative patterns like anger, frustration, jealousy, etc. Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand why we are feeling this negative energy inside us, sometimes we want to avoid these kinds of situations. These kinds of negative energies come from old patterns, these old patterns won’t let us think positively and the decisions we make become Adharmic.
  2. Positive Patterns
    This second one isreally interesting. Positive patterns from the past can be both Karmic and Dharmic. Karmic because it’s still coming from a pattern, but then also they are Dharmic because they are positive actions. For example, we can think about too much kindness. It’s very good to be kind, but it doesn’t work in every situation.  Sometimes parents have to use tough love for kids and make tough decisions for their betterment.  So, we need to be aware of our positive patterns also.
  3. Unconscious Actions in the Present
    Unconscious action when one is in the present moment can be Karmic and Adharmic. They can add Karma and because they are coming out of unconsciousness they can be Adharmic as well. For example, if you saw a person being strict on his kids, and you just saw what was happening in that moment, you might think the person is a bad parent and doesn’t know how to raise a child. Because of your unconscious mind, you didn’t want to see or understand the whole scenario. You just made a decision according to what you saw now. Maybe that parent was trying to discipline the kid. Which is the parent’s duty. You just reacted according to your pattern, which is totally Karmic and Adharmic.
  4. Conscious Action in the Present
    This one is the right one. It totally depends on the present situation and consciousness. This means If you use this guideline for everything you will start understanding the decisions you are making and how they are affecting your life. Only when you enter the space of right knowing with high consciousness, will you develop a sixth sense that is beyond feeling. There is a knowingness of right action. The right action that you are taking at that moment is seen and felt by the outer world. It will be seen as the right action. 

Every day you enter this world with this reality. You perform thousands of actions and make decisions. All of them are driven by the state of consciousness, your patterns, and your awareness of the present moment. Even if one of them is off-balance, you have a Karmic and Adharmic impact on your life and the lives of others. So, to develop that flow you have to develop a spiritual practice. There are many spiritual practices that anyone can do to reach the highest level of consciousness. I am listing some of them below, which you can practice. These are very powerful pillars of a spiritual journey.

The first one is finding your identity. When you are trying to find your identity you are working on your past patterns. In this one, we try to look at all kinds of patterns and try to remove them from our minds. We learn not to get affected by any situation, we learn about having control over our mind. We practice the “I am” statement, which means noticing our mental and emotional state and expressing it in the form of an “I am” statement. We practice how to recognize patterns and blind spots within ourselves. After recognizing it we try to be fully aware of it and put our effort into removing it. The True Identity practice in True Inner Mastery helps us recognize our past patterns and heal them. This not only helps us in becoming pure souls but also helps us create a better future rather than simply manifesting our future from past patterns.

The second method is True  Awareness. When you are doing true awareness you are becoming aware of your mind. You learn how to live in the present without being affected by the past. Or, you don’t plan too much about your future. If we just enjoy what we have right now we don’t get stressed about the future. So it reduces your stress. It makes you emotionally strong because you are not relating it with any past pattern. When you become emotionally strong it improves mood swings, and you become more stable. You learn how to flow in the present moment, which fills you with joy and happiness. It also helps remove regret and sadness from your mind, so you can enjoy happiness. True awareness brings alertness to your personality, which others in your life will recognize. Your alertness helps you in making the right decision. It has many more benefits that can improve your life.

The third practice is True Gratitude. When you are immersed in gratitude you are reaching the highest level of consciousness. When you are in the space of True gratitude, you are diminishing your ego. By being thankful for each and everyone around you, you start melting down ego patterns such as rudeness and selfishness. IT all starts to vanish away. You become aware that you can’t lead your life by yourself, your entire life is due to others. You learn to say thank you to others, for their contribution to your life. You feel gratitude for everything you have, Which helps you to melt down. This melting slowly starts removing ego from your personality. You feel lighter and happier. Your respect and love towards everyone make it easier to forgive everyone. By forgiveness, you don’t carry anger or any kind of prejudice inside you. This makes your soul a happy soul and at last you start enjoying your life.

Any spiritual practice including the concept of service and surrender also helps to enter into this flow of Dharma, because the DHARMA IS THE FLOW OF ONENESS. Dharma is a natural and cosmically calculated solution for the life in you and life outside you. It’s everything you need for fulfillment. So the DHARMA always flows towards fulfilling you and fulfilling others.

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