Are you ready to experience the possibilities beyond what the average person experiences in daily life?
Do you want to transform your life?
Have you experienced heightened spiritual states, only to fall back into your old patterns?

The Science of Oneness

Introductory Workshop
Sat Jan 28 and Sunday Jan 29, 2023
(Online via Zoom)

This introductory workshop is a chance for you to learn three spiritual practices designed to transform the core of your being.  What you’ll experience is a taste of how the process works and why it’s a valuable tool for obtaining lasting benefits and a life of fulfillment and depth.

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No prior experience is required.


  • Discover the secrets to happiness and success.
  • Achieve frictionless execution of worldly responsibilities.
  • Attract what you need for an ultra-fulfilled life.
  • Eliminate blocks to your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Detoxify your mind.


Course Highlights

This six-hour online course will offer an introduction to three self-transformation practices that are part of the core curriculum for True Inner Mastery. This foundational course is first step in a series of powerful workshops that will enable you to start experiencing life like never before. You’ll have a sharper mind, a stronger center, deep peace, and unbounded joy in the work you do and the relationships you embrace. By practicing these teachings, you will discover your own personal magical space.

Cost: $98

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Course Details

The course is divided into 2 days of three hours each and will include instructional content, meditation, contemplation exercises and quizes that test your understanding. Each day also includes time for questions and answers with the Master, Sri Poornaji.

Day 1

Introduction to True Inner Mastery

Changing your patterns through gratitude meditation

Manifesting through powerful conscious decisions

Day 2

How unconscious patterns impede your growth

Understanding the source of your patterns

Breakthrough technique


Study with a Realized Master


This program is a rare opportunity to study with a realized Master who can accelerate your journey to fulfillment and realization through the Science of Oneness.

Learn more about Sri Poornaji here.

This way to an ultra-fulfilled life

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Online workshop via Zoom.