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Join the Ultimate Meditation Workshop

Are your problems weighing you down?
Are you unable to stop thinking?
Is work stressing you out recently?
Have you tried meditation, but did not work for you?
Did you ever wish that controling your mind was effortless for you?

In this three-hour virtual workshop, Master Mystic Poornaji, will be experientally raising you into the Nirvanic meditation space, and bolting that experience, so it becomes who you are, and meditation is effortless.
You will learn the ultimate meditation technique where time stands still and the deep inner peace and vitality awakens in you.


Increased Happiness

Once you can experience the space of Nirvana, happiness will be natural to you. You will be able to choose Hapiness despite of life's challenging situations.

Increased Productivity

You will have control of your thoughts, emotions and mind, which will allow you to use them effectively to fulfill your dreams, goals, and desires.

Increased Confidence

You will have complete and total self-confidence, knowing that you can quiet your mind at will, and whatever you decide as you, that becomes you.

True Inner Mastery - Academy of Inner Sciences


"Science of Happiness and Success" workshop announced to be in San Francisco.

Poornaji awarded "Ambassador of Peace" by Universal Peace Federation                    


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