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Discover The 7 Keys To Empowered Living
A Private Meditation Retreat in Mount Shasta, California, that brings
clarity in decision-making, peace and balance.

Unplug with a small group of selflessly driven individuals in a relaxing environment.  You'll learn how to take your life to the next level by implementing simple and practical proven techniques that empower you instantly, bring clarity in decision-making, and reach breakthrough success.

Is the Bay Area's stressful lifestyle taking over your life?


Please Answer Honestly:

Do you wish you could put your day job on autopilot and free up hours to focus on what you really want to do – whether that’s a new project, growing your business, spending more time with your family, or making it home for date night? 

Is the constant stream of work separating you from your priorities—like spending time with your family, exercising, seeing your friends, pursuing your passions, and taking vacations?

Do you feel like you're always putting out fires?

Is the never-ending deluge of emails, meetings and "urgent" tasks taking over your life, and keeping you from getting your actual work done?


When was the last time you REALLY disconnected from your work?

Do you feel like you're performing at your full potential?

Do you find that in spite of the amount of hours you work, the most important things still don’t get done?

Did your work habits take a toll on your health?

What I'm going to share with you is definitely NOT right for everyone. In fact, I'd guess it's probably not a good fit for 95% of individuals out there who think they can solve all problems themselves.

if you're the kind of hardworking individual who values family, purpose and sustainable performance -- you're going to be more excited than you've been in long time when you hear about this...

Here's a chance for you to combine a truly unique, one-of-a-kind meditation experience, techniques for personal and professional empowerment, practical tips for health, wealth, relationships and breakthrough success in every dimension of your life. 

Our Goal with the Beyond Mindfulness Retreat is to create the kind of experience that brings clarity in decision making, peace, happiness, effortless multi-tasking, and a well-balanced lifestyle using tested and proven methods.  

You will feel refreshed, calm, empowered and in control of any situation in your life.

Cognitive Breakthrough Sessions

We'll give you the tools to upgrade the operating system of your life. 

Our goal is that you leave the Beyond Mindfulness Retreat with:

1. A personalized goal setting Plan
2. An optimized emotional empowerment Plan
3. A sustainable performance roadmap
4. Feeling recharged, reconnected and exuberant about life

Empowering Group

You will spend 2 days connecting with like-minded individuals. You will meet people with strong values, ethics and will to help others. The level of connection will be something you will rarely experience.

Self-reflection Time

You will have plenty of time and space for yourself. We ensured you'll have a lot of room to meditate, think and spend time how you want it around the beautiful nature settings. 

Social Circles

Throughout the program, we'll have informal Q&A sessions where we'll give you the opportunity to open up what you need help with. It will be a safe judgement-free place to share what's on your mind, get advice and help others as well.

What our participants say...

"This is by far the best workshop I've attended for personal transformation. I wish I had done it earlier and saved myself years of trial-and-error."

"Powerful, transformational and practical teachings. I loved it so much, I became a TrueBuddy coach myself and now empower people with these techniques."

"Practical and immediate. I realized how clear and peaceful my mind has become within such a short time."


Where is the Beyond Mindfulness Retreat and what will we do?

The Beyond Mindfulness Retreat takes place at beautiful Mount Shasta, at a unique event venue committed to providing a natural setting to relax and gain fresh perspectives. Mount Shasta is just 4 hours from San Francisco. 

Your Beyond Mindfulness Retreat includes:
- All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Continuous snack and beverage service
- All education material for the Program
- Many surprises :)

What’s not included:
- Accommodation on site for 2 nights
- Transport
Contact us for accommodations recommendations. 

Day 1

1. Defining your destiny - Learn to manifest desires with clear action and focus.

2. Becoming Fearless - Learn to make decisions without past history of failures and handle new situations with excitement.

3. Positive Living - Empower yourself to make clear decisions without doubt and regrets.

4. Radiating Compassion - Learn to express empathy and move people with your words and emotions.

Day 2

5. Discovering your uniqueness - Set clear vision on who you are so that you live purposefully the rest of your life

6. Leadership Consciousness and Charisma - Learn to multi-task without feeling overwhelmed so that you can lead yourself and others to excellence.

7. Grace and Beauty - Enjoy every moment in life with great health, wealth and relationships.

Space Is Limited - Limited Spots Available Each Retreat - Reserve Yours Now Before It's Too Late!

Registration Ends:

Beyond Mindfulness Retreat
July 5th & 6th, 2019
9 AM - 6 PM Daily
Mount Shasta, California, USA

Current Pricing: USD $599

Ask if you are eligible for special promotional codes

Senior Citizen (65+) Discount: $50
Student Discount: $50

Contact Info:
[email protected]
+1 (415) 723 1163 (Main / WhatsApp)

Reserve your spot now or if you are not ready yet try out our Free Guided Meditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration will start on Friday July 5th at 8am PST. Please ensure that you arrive the day before as the program will start at 9 am sharp on July 5th. The retreat ends on Saturday May 5th in the evening at 6 pm.

Yes! All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) are included on both July 5th and 6th. A wide variety of organic, locally sourced and freshly prepared foods. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

The Retreat will be conducted at the Mt Shasta Recreation Center, which is located within the rustic, 26 acre Mt. Shasta City Park, one mile north of downtown Mt. Shasta. The park includes a natural mountain spring, scenic picnic areas, gazebo, and quiet places.

Poornaji (Executive Retreat Teacher & Coach) and the True Buddies (qualified support coaches) will be on site for the duration of the retreat. You will spend 2 days connecting with like-minded growth-focused individuals. The level of connection will be something you will rarely experience.

Yes, private coaching sessions will be available for the first 10 registrants on a first-come, first-serve basis, during the retreat.
The 10 registrants will have 15 minutes of private coaching with Poornaji.

You can also schedule private coaching sessions with Poornaji after the retreat.

Due to the complex and costly logistics involved and limited space with setting up this Beyond Mindfulness Retreat (BMR), we strongly encourage you to make the final decision NOW to attend the BMR. The tickets are Non-Refundable. However, you can transfer your ticket to another person up to 90 days prior to departure. In the rare case of an extreme emergency, we'll allow the transfer of your ticket to future TrueInnerMastery events (fees may apply).



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